I teach an intermediate black and white photography and darkroom techniques class at Oregon State University's Craft Center, introducing students to the use of fiber base paper, archival processes, alternate film and paper developers, toning, hand-coloring, etc. Every quarter, I change the lineup of creative techniques to keep it fresh and fun. For more information, For more information, check out the Craft Center's website.

I also do workshops for Oregon high schools and can help you and your students begin using your school's darkroom again. Please contact me for more information.

One-on-One Photography Lessons

Interested in taking better photos of your favorite subjects such as your family, flowers, landscapes, etc.? The Craft Center also offers great digital photography classes covering camera use and PhotoShop (see link above). If the class is offered at a time you can't attend, I do take a few individuals per quarter for one-on-one lessons. Please contact me if you'd like more information about individual lessons.